Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rendezvouz with ISS

It was 19:09 on 14 Jan 2011, and I was up on the terrace with my son Theju looking towards South West Bangalore skies. There it was on the dot at 19:09, putting our buses and trains that never stick to their schedule to shame, like a low magnitude star moving fast across a clear evening sky. It grew in magnitude as it gained azimuth, pushing planet Jupiter briefly out of its second spot of being the second brightest object in the sky. But to my disappointment I could see that it is going to miss the moon, oh no! Alas, was it intimidated by the brightest object in the sky? That was disappointing! ISS (International Space Station) did not make its rendezvous with the moon and it whisked past it at the zenith, heading towards the North East horizon losing its brightness as it finally got submerged by a night sky that is already overwhelmed by the glare from Devanahalli Airport lights.
But as I stood there and watched it traversing the Bangalore skies I was proud to be part of a species who have achieved such stupendous progress in science and technology. And I thought about the fortunate astronauts living within ISS with envy. How fortunate are they to get up every day to have the grandiose sight of the majestic earth in front of them. How fortunate are they that they can watch our home at that height that gives them a view that masks the issues that plague this world (Corruption, Crime, Clashes and Calamities)…..

PS: Those who are keen on tracking ISS may visit this website ( .